Sep 11

Insurance Companies Roll in Workers Compensation Case

When a person is injured on the job, he or she has specific rights for compensation. The majority of workers are covered because of state laws that require the employer to pay insurance to cover this possibility. This is called the Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and applies to work related injuries. Sickness due to exposure, accidents, occupational disease or cumulative trauma injuries are the most common claims for workers compensation.

The first laws regarding employer liability was passed in 1855 in Georgia and Alabama. Similar laws were passed by 26 other states, all of which allowed the injured party to sue their employer. Although the requirements differ, all states have some kind of compulsory worker’s compensation insurance laws.

Because the laws regarding workers compensation vary from state to state, it is very difficult for an individual to understand the steps necessary to obtain the coverage they are entitled to receive. An Illinois lawyer who specializes in this field can easily explain what is involved with such a claim.

For example, some states have a state fund that reimburses the injured party should the employer fail to have the proper insurance. Some states require arbitration, while others require going to court if the employer refuses to compensate the employee who is suffering because of a work caused injury.

Many insurance companies dispute this kind of a claim, which can often cause a long delay in receiving justified compensation. These laws are very complicated and difficult for an average person to research or understand. Engaging a lawyer who works in the area of Illinois workers comp injury claims will eliminate the stress of personal involvement in the dispute. When a person injured on the job consults with them, they will explain how the law applies in his or her particular case. 

There are many excellent reasons for consulting with a Workers Compensation lawyer in this particular type of case. For example:

• They know the law for the state involved

• Their employees will investigate the facts

• Their fee will be paid as a percentage of the completed claim

• They present full representation at arbitration or court proceedings

• They relieve the stress of confronting employer’s representatives

Lawyers who work in this field are experienced and know each step that must be taken to obtain the benefits that the injured worker deserves. They have expertise in this area of the law and know how to work with an insurance company who disputes the claim. Once consulted, they are dedicated to obtaining a satisfactory result for their client.