Sep 11

Anesthesia Problems and Lawsuits

Chicago Medical Malpractice LawsHealthy patients do not usually suffer adverse reactions to anesthesia; most anesthesia problems are the result of human error. Anesthesiologists are only human and human beings make mistakes. Working in a high-pressure operating room, anesthesiologists have to make split second decisions while carefully monitoring patients; a risky setting with a chance for errors

Anesthesia errors are typically medication errors, such a patient receiving too much or too little anesthesia. There is the possibility an anesthesiologist will fail to see the potential for a possible prescription drug interaction or fail to note a patient’s allergy to anesthesia. Faulty anesthesia administration or monitoring equipment are also the cause of some anesthesia errors.

The problem with anesthesia errors is that the results, such as death, paralysis and brain injuries are often devastating to the patient and his or her family. One of the worst mistakes an anesthesiologist can make is not giving a patient enough general anesthesia. Too little anesthesia results in the patient remaining awake during the operation, but the patient is unable to move or communicate. Cases of anesthesia awareness are rare but they do occur.

Most anesthesia errors are human errors. The anesthesiologist may be tired, inexperienced or fail to follow established procedures. While the anesthesiologist may be rushed during emergency surgery procedures, this is no excuse for errors. One distraction on the anesthesiologist’s part could result in a patient suffering a heart attack, stroke or paralysis. A skilled, experienced anesthesiologist will perform their job properly under adverse conditions, never failing to monitor their patients and keeping an eye out for any signs of distress. Unfortunately, not every patient has a skilled, experienced anesthesiologist looking out for his or her welfare.

Contacting a Lawyer

If you or a loved one in Illinois have experienced an anesthesia error that resulted in physical or mental harm, consult ¬†¬†malpractice attorneys¬†experienced in medical malpractice for a free consultation. Not only will you want to ensure your future medical bills and lost wages from the anesthesia error are covered, you want to prevent the same mistake from happening to any of the anesthesiologist’s future patients. An experienced medical malpractice attorney will have the resources to find out what went wrong behind the closed doors of the operating room.